“Saving people”

How do you help people, who don’t want your help?

I’ve spent a lot of years trying to answer this question.

Trying to save all sorts of people: angry teens, depressive adult, the mentally unbalanced, alcoholics, criminals, addicts.

And I’ve finally found the answer!

You ready for it?

Here it comes!



You don’t.


Because they will drag you down with them.

Think of it as a drowning man flailing his arms around in the water, you jump in to save him (like a true hero), but this man would rather drown than receive your help. So as you try to get him out of the water, he beats at you, he kicks off, he goes deeper into the water, he resists all your attempts at helping, because he just doesn’t want your help.

And so what happens to you over time as you try to save him? You get more and more tired. And you’ll eventually end up drowning with him.

This guy doesn’t actually need help anyways. He just likes to be dramatic. In reality, he’s a fish. A fishy fish.


So how do you help someone who doesn’t want to be helped?

You don’t.

End of story.


Now go help someone, who actually wants to be helped 😉

Like this little guy here:

Oh deer, what a hero!


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