Happiness, just a thought away

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.

I believe this is the epitome of self-development and self-insight, when we can come to this conclusion in our lives and understanding.

It is that we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are. And this goes for everything. The world around us, our jobs, our families, friends, relationships and even ourselves. We do not see them as they really are, we see them as we are.

And what we are is subject to instantaneous shifts in perception from the even the slightest shift in the wind. That’s the truth. When you’re in a good mood, when you’re happy, you heard the bird song as a beautiful representation of nature, the breeze is like a gentle caress of the wind and the sun shining lights up your heart and soul. And in a single moment, with just one thought, one negative thought that sets off your mood in the wrong direction, suddenly the birds become noisy and disgusting, the wind is too cold and the sun is so hot and bright, you just can’t stand it.

All with the slightest shift of a negative thought which changes your mood which changes how you are which changes how you see the world.



I’ve experienced this dynamic my entire life.

When I was a child I would stand out because of my sunkissed hair (and yes, sunkissed is a much better expression to use that ginger – so get used to it 😉). I’d get bullied in school and teachers would always notice me, whenever there was a disturbance around me. It wouldn’t matter if I was the one causing it, because I just stood out like a sore thumb (but just between you and me, then I also was a bit of a nuisance)

I still am. Rebel rebel.

And in recent years, as I’ve developed a personal style that makes me stand out quite a bit more with colourful clothing and tattoos covering my arms, I’m hard to miss. And often times hard to forget. And the truth is, I’ve become even easier to judge, label and try to fit into a box. Which is alright, because that’s how we are as humans, the world has to make sense and little boxes are a neat way of getting things to fit together.

Sometimes I hear gossip, rumors or I’m challenged with opinions, where the person behind the look drops his jaw and goes “How in the hell could people ever think that about me? Don’t they know me at all?”

And in truth, they don’t. Because we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.



So I’ve learned to not take to heart what people think, hear, feel, say or believe about me, because it’s not about who I am, it’s about who they are. And I’ve learned to surround myself with people, who’ve moved beyond what’s skin-deep and see the value behind the looks. Which in turn has taught me that who I am and what I have to offer is more than enough and it has great value to a lot of people.

The right kind of people. The people who’ve gained the self-insight and self-awareness to know that our perception is constantly being moved, altered, shifted and changed according to what’s going on inside us. And who are more often able to peak through the veil of their own illusion (myself included of course).

In your life it is the same.

The people surrounding you might not necessarily see you as you are, they may very well be seeing you as they are. They may well be projecting their fears, insecurities, anger, resentment or even hurt on to you. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s what we do as humans, but it can become both painful and dangerous for you if you internalize it and make it part of you.

Because what others might see, hear, say and feel rarely reflects reality.

Which is why we need to remind ourselves from time to time that we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.

And who we are can change with just one thought.

Where instead of thinking that the universe is out to get you, then you know in your heart that the universe is doing everything it can to help and support you. Well then life just becomes that much better.

So make sure it is a positive, happy and beautiful thought that changes who you are and what you see. Because the world is so much more fun, when it looks positive, happy and beautiful.

And we’re all just a thought away of making that shift.



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