Breaking eggs is inevitable


What a month it’s been!

I’ve left Denmark, my home country, for an undisclosed time. Maybe I’ll never return. I’ve said goodbye to a home address, to a comfy home and place of stability. I’ve said goodbye to all certainty and security that living in one place brings you.

I’m on my own. I’m out in a massive world with no safety net. I make my own income day by day, week by week, month by month. I have no secure plan. I have no one telling me what to do. I am completely on my own. Completely free.

Which is extremely empowering on one hand, both exhilarating and incredible. And on the other hand… It’s terrifying and nerve-wrecking.

What if I don’t make it? What if the money suddenly runs out? What if I don’t find a place to stay? What if I mess something up?



Truth is…

I’m bound to mess something up. It’s inevitable.

There’s no way, I can pull up all my roots, all security and stability, and just sail out onto the seas in any direction the wind blows and I go where I choose to go – without making some mistakes and falling on my face a few times.

And that actually excites me and makes me happy. Because I know I’ll be alright.

No matter where I’m dropped down in this world, no matter the odds, I’ll make it. I know that, because I’ve proven to myself that I can do that time and time again.

On my 21st birthday I stood in Melbourne Airport with a blocked credit card and no plan whatsoever.

On my 23rd birthday I’d lost my brother, my fiancé and my will to live.

On my 28th birthday I was facing a bankrupt business, the biggest economically hit in my entire life and a completely broken body.

And I made it through it. As I always do. Nothing is going to take me out. But I’m still bound to mess up, we all are.



We can’t make it through life without breaking a few eggs.

And that’s something that’s been on my mind a lot lately. With everything that goes on. With all of the exciting projects, I’m working on. With all of the places I can go. With all of the things I can do.

What if I break the eggs, I’m juggling with? What if I ruin a relationship with a friend or business partner? What if an idea doesn’t make it? What if I’m not strong enough? What if I’m not smart enough? What if I can’t do it? What if I can do it? What if it all fails? What if it all succeeds?

I think every entrepreneur has to wrestle with these ideas. Wrestle with the fear of breaking some eggs and of not being perfect.

And that never goes away.

No matter how much you try to make everything 100% certain, then there’s always going to be risk of things falling apart or breaking. That’s life. That’s business. And all we can really do is go along for the ride and enjoy it.



Which is exactly the point.

It’s out of our control whether or not an egg will break with everything that can happen. We can’t predict the future.

In project management you make a risk analysis, where you try to predict the future, try to predict every single thing that could go wrong, and then plan to avoid the worst of them. And even with that, things still go wrong!

Some things are just out of our hands…


There is one place, where we do have control. Inside ourselves.



The one thing that you have full power and control over is you.

Your state of mind.

Your state of being.

Your state of emotion.

That’s your job to make sure you do your best to be at your best so you can always do your best. The rest is up to chance, luck and whatever spiritual entity you believe in: be it God, karma or the randomness of a cosmic universe. You can’t control it. It is what it is.

This for me is liberating because it allows me to let go of trying to make everything perfect and trying to control everything. It helps me to keep my focus where I can truly make an impact: on myself, my state and my actions.

When I focus my attention on giving it my very best, then whatever happens outside, whatever might fail, whatever eggs might break, then I will know that I did whatever I could to avoid it happening. I did my best.

And anything beyond that is no longer my responsibility.

So I’ll do my best, I’ll fail and succeed, I’ll break some eggs and I’m going to enjoy the ride without stressing or worrying about everything turning out perfectly, because that’s out of my control.

I’ll do my best.


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